What Our Client Partners Are Saying

Kind words about work well done

From our valued partners:

"Yet another plaudit for Peter...with a heartfelt 'thank goodness he's on my team - I couldn't get through this without him!' Again, thanks for putting forth the extra effort. Greatly appreciated!"

"It should be noted somewhere that Peter has been consistently responsive to all of my inquiries and has helped me to the limit of his knowledge. Peter provides excellent customer service and customer investment. He is a pleasure to work with."

"Peter, you have been such a tremendous help for us in the last month and I just wanted to say thanks for going above and beyond the "forms" tasks and delving into report server, printing setup, and the like. It is so very much appreciated!"

"Working with Jean as my Project Manager has been a great experience for me. She is not only an excellent strategic thinker and process analyzer, but also a valued mentor and source of encouragement. We often challenged each other to get to the core of any issue in order to advance our knowledge, and points unconsidered by the other. I welcome the opportunity to work with Jean again and hope it does occur"

"After getting to know Jean through her engagement with GE as a knowledgeable and thorough business analyst who can really dig into and comprehend the complexities of highly detailed market research, she was our first choice as an independent consultant to write a healthcare white paper, The Business Case for the eHospital Census, with the aim to provide use cases and point out the benefits of this comprehensive piece of market information. Her contribution proved extremely valuable in our marketing activities and formed the basis for many communication materials.What is particularly outstanding about Jean is that she always goes an extra step in bringing her broad knowledge of healthcare markets and a strategic perspective into play, and that far beyond personal interests."

"Jean is a very effective communicator and initiative leader that kept our team focused on its goals. For instance, each interaction between our teams would yield valuable opportunities, but each opportunity could wait for the next planning cycle instead of acting immediately. Consistently,Jean was able to bring our leaders back to the table to continue discussions and accelerate our response to the analysis when most others in her position would have accepted a more passive approach. Thus, we were able to implement someimportant course corrections ahead of our normal planning cycles instead of waiting months to make these changes."

Selected Clients

  1. Soltech, Inc., Atlanta, GA
  2. Coverys Risk Management Solutions, Boston, MA
  3. John Hancock Life Insurance, Boston, MA
  4. Radius Health, BioPharma, Waltham, MA
  5. Federal Employees Program Operations Center, DC
  6. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, MD
  7. Liberty Mutual Insurance, Boston, MA
  8. Juniper Networks Education Div, CA
  9. Hospital-IT.net, Leipzig, Ger
  10. Cool Wind Ventilation, Queens, NY
  11. State of Vermont, Waterbury, VT
  12. Norwich University, Norwich, VT
  13. Universal Microsystems, Waitsfield, VT
  14. Vermont Power Exchange, Stowe, VT