Website Project Management

Over 22 months, PC Resources managed a Website implementation project revising a 30,000-page corporate website with more than 2500 unique visitors each year. The project included Web architecture planning and management of technical resources.

  • Designed pilot website focusing on usability and website best practices
  • Conducted surveys to determine usability factors that were critical to quality
  • Determined project scope and requirements
  • Led cross-functional meetings to obtain validation
  • Coordinated engineering and server resources
  • Ensured compliance
  • Implemented Web search utility and Web analytics
  • Created on-line user documentation, including FAQ and acronym finder
  • Conducted post-live training and usability studies

Website Development

PC Resources has implemented websites for non-profit and commercial clients, including a consultant consortium SMARTvt, the Little Sunapee Protective Association, bed and breakfast owners, Energy Star contractors, artisans, performing artists, and concert presenters. We have given numerous presentations to consulting groups and the Society for Technical Communication, including:

  • Photoshop Hints
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Update Checklist
  • Tips for Creating Winning Website Content
  • Interviewing SMEs through Interactive Web Meetings